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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  March 9, 2010 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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the top of the hour, follow us on, slash greta wire. go vote. congressional style. >> "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight. >> we can't have a system that works better for the insurance companies than it does for the american people. >> are american health insurance companies evil? the president is after them. we'll analyze this very controversial issue. now that nut ahmadinejab says 9-11 was a fraud. even as iran continues its nuclear bomb program. why are some american companies still doing business with this awful country? we will name names. ♪ hey sister, go sister. >> john stossel says prostitution should be legalized every and that you should be
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able to have multiple husbands and or wives. are you kidding me? caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. "the factor" begins right now. hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thank you for watching us tonight. president obama declares war on the health insurance industry and that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. the president settled on one very simple point, to promote obama care. that is the health, insurance companies are not your friends. >> we can't have a system that works better for the insurance companies than it does for the american people. every year insurance companies deny more people coverage because they've got preexisting conditions. every year they drop more people's coverage when they get sick right when they need it most. every year they raise premiums
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higher and higher and higher. >> that's true. blue cross in california recently announced it wants an almost 40% rate hike. millions of americans cannot afford health insurance. the president seized on a clear shot to get his murky health care bill passed. if you dislike the insurance companies, you are much more likely to support obama care. today some people demonstrated. they are activists, far left guy howard dean showed up to egg them on. now, i buy my own health insurance. and often the company gives me big time jazz when i submit algate mate claim. my premiums rise every year, so there are legit beefs against the industry. the question is, can the feds run the health care industry better? opinions abound, but the truth is, it's impossible to know. latest polesis 67% believe obama care will hurt the economy and
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whopping 81% say it's likely to cost more than the president is telling us. 78% of voters believe obama care will lead to higher taxes for the middle class. so the only chance president obama has in the court of public opinion is demonize the insurance companies. make them more loathsome than federal intrusion. the whole health care controversy is in no win situation for we the people. insurance companies aren't going to hold prices on their own. they want to make money. but obama care to lead to more chaos and expense. to be fair, experts like harvard professors say the feds could well succeed in controlling health care costs. could bring them down. but again, he believes nobody knows for sure. so the best plan is to institute strict government oversight on health insurance industry, mandate more interstate competition against companies, among companies, i should say, and print, print medical price guidelines on the net so we know when we're getting fleeced. those things cost very little.
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and america should try them before going to a massive obama care plan. the top story, reaction from the rock in a hard place duo. monica, do you like that? are insurance companies your friends? >> nobody actually likes them? >> even you don't, miss capitollist? >> i went through a period where i did not have health insurance and i couldn't afford to buy it on my own. so i can see where the insurance companies made for a very obvious antichrist for this administration. the problem here is that the insurance industry is among the most heavily regulated industry in the entire country. they're not regulated by the federal government. they're regulated by the states. the states try to make sure that the insurance companies are solvent, so they don't go belly up and the american -- >> the problem with that is there is one or two in each state that are allowed to sell. >> correct. so the bottom line question is not about how do we regulate the insurance companies. the bottom line is about lowering costs and nothing the
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obama team and the democrats have put out actually lowers cost. it explodes the deficit, it will cost the american taxpayer a lot more money and not solve the underlying problems. you mentioned interstate competition. that's one of the key ways -- >> i'd like -- combs would like to see that? >> i think it's a good idea. i wanted the public option 'cause that would really be free market. >> i don't want to get back into this public option thing 'cause your head will blow off. the objection to it was that the fix would be in, that if the government had a health insurance company that didn't have to make a profit, that could operate on an -- and lose money, then the others couldn't possibly compete and the government would be able to take over the health care industry through stealth means. >> i understand that argument, but that's kind of air notify i can't. >> why would it be paranoia, to have a company that doesn't have to make money and could undercut. >> if you believe chuck schumer, they'll have enough controls in
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place that that wouldn't happen. >> are you asking me to believe chuck schumer? >> i believe i am. >> i like the senator, but i'm not going to believe any politician. trust but verify. >> this is a great argument the president made today. >> i don't know if it's a great argument, but finally a simple argument that even i can understand. here we have the insurance companies, here we have the feds. who are you going to throw in with? >> rasmussen says 57% say that it's going to blow up the economy, wreck it and make it worse because nobody believes that this government program will stay within its already astronomical $1 trillion price tag. >> except the harvard professor who wrote in the "wall street journal" -- >> he's a special advisor to obama and health care. >> i didn't know that! >> that's right. >> wait, wait! wait a minute. shut up! this is great! crowley, i didn't know that! i thought it was just a harvard
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professor. >> it was right there in the fine line in the "wall street journal." >> on the bottom. >> you didn't read it? >> it was 8:00 o'clock in the morning. sponge bob is on. here is the deal. >> the rasmussen poll is correct, people feel that way because the administration has done a good enough job selling this to american people. the art the president is making about the insurance company, you gave numbers in 39%. >> don't you think for the good of the united states, not for your liberal friends, for the good of the united states, we should try the interstate competition, which you agree is a good idea, get the tort reform going, do all the things that don't cost any money first? first let's try them for a couple of years before blowing up into this big entitlement land. >> the harvard professor you seem to not like very much -- he took $600 billion over the next ten years. the fact is, he should have started a year ago saying the
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things he's now saying. it's getting more people insured and that's the focus he should have had. >> he dodged my simple. it's a simple one 'cause i'm a simple man. shouldn't we try the stuff that doesn't cost anything first? >> i think that's one of a number of things we can try. but that by itself would not be enough. >> you agree with me. >> of course. nobody is saying reform is not needed. >> try the stuff that doesn't cost money first. >> exactly. allow the states to do it. massachusetts started down this road. it's a mini direction of obama care. premiums are through the roof. they haven't insured anybody. cost is out of control. if you start in the states and you do these little things, you will know what works and doesn't work. >> crowley is winning the argument. >> she's doing more of the talking. >> every bureaucracy always -- >> you don't want to believe the numbers that the professor in the "wall street journal" comes up, you don't want to believe the cbo. you want to believe anything that says this is going to reduce cost. if nothing is done --
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>> we're saying do the interstate competition. >> that's not enough. >> not many people insured. all right. we'll have a telethon. you can be in charge and we'll raise money for uninsured people. we can do that. all right. next, we'll tell you which american companies are still doing business with the vicious iranian government. we'll name the names, ladies and gentlemen. lou dobbs on how to control illegal immigration. should we all have a national i.d. card? that's in play right now. we'll be right back.ñyyup>
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a very good report in the "new york times." see, they can do good work. spot lights a number of american companies still doing business with iran, even though they're causing all kinds of problems. the companies are, tyson foods, conoco, philips, luke oil, drescher rand, ingle sol rand. charles, author of the big best seller, the sell-out, how three decades of wall street greed and government mismanagement destroyed the global financial system. before we get to iran, look, am i right, it's impossible to know whether this obama care will raise, lower, destroy, you just -- it's the most complicated bill in the world. even you, charles -- >> alleged financial expert doesn't really understand this.
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i just don't see the government lowering costs. when was the last time that really happened? >> never happened. but they say it will. the harvard guy and by the way, he's not on the payroll. he used to be on the payroll of obama. but you are not confident saying either way. >> they said the stimulus package would keep unemployment at 8 1/2%. that's all you need to know. >> if you were a congressman, would you vote for obama care? >> no way. who would? i think -- i don't think anybody really understands it. >> because you don't mow what the hell it says. do you understand it? >> i don't. >> but i don't understand many things. let's go to iran. we hammered general electric about a year ago. they were playing footsy over there. >> my old employer. >> and i actually saw the ceo and he said look, we're out. and i believe him. okay. now, tyson foods isn't out and what are they doing? >> what's interesting is the connection to the clintons.
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long time arkansas company, very close to the clintons, it's very interesting that they're still there. what's interesting about this is that they're doing it in a sleazy way. they do it three these shell companies and try to say oh, it's not us. >> this is gary nicholson told the "new york times" they only do 2 million annually in sales, tyson does. why bother? >> you know, here is the thing, bill. for years u.s. companies have gone oversea, begun to china saying this is economic dotant, think about how much progress they make. >> conoco phillips, luke oil, they do business over there. and look, company profits. >> 20% investment. not bad. >> right. i'm not going to buy their oil anymore. >> i wouldn't. i think the american people have to make a choice here and simply this. if you want to support companies that support a dictatorship -- >> it's the nukes, too.
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the anti-semitism, terrorism in afghanistan. i'm not buying conoco or luke oil. it's all over for them. dresser rand. what's that? >> oil gas supplier. it's all there. it's in multiple filings that they have foreign subsidiaries and again, what they're trying to do is hide the direct investment through these sort of foreign shell companies. by the way -- >> they're unrepentant. they're in the sudan and syria. >> it all goes to the bottom line. their shareholders benefit. think about the hypocrisy here. we had a debate in college about companies investing in pension funds, buying stocks of companies that invested in south africa. what's the difference? ingle sol rand said they were going to stop doing business because they knew we were going to hammer
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them. that's a new jersey based company that does what? >> lucrative contracts, military. it's pretty nice. you got an arms company helping out. >> they don't sell them arms. they sell them drilling stuff. air compression systems, air conditioning, that kind of thing. but the company is getting out and they better. what's i tron? >> electronic meters used by utility companies. by the way, all this technology, these can be used in military means. >> sure. that's what i told g.e. >> it's all crossover stuff and that's the scandal. >> now, the companies doing business are well-known. what is the u.s. government doing? >> nothing. i don't think they've ever enforced this law. >> why? >> i think it's part of the u.s. government and it's the same way they dealt with china that believes that -- >> they can't in iran because it's coming down to almost war. >> i believe there is people in the state department and various
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parts of government that believe economic detante works. i don't believe that. >> there is only a few of the companies, and you would think the government would shut them down. >> these are well-known companies. big companies. >> well, i think there are people in government that really believe that economic detante works. >> bush administration let them go and the obama administration is letting them go and the u.s. government hasn't done anything but we wanted to expose them. we appreciate you coming on. ahead, lou dobbs on how he would control illegal immigration and a proposed national i.d. card. john stossel says selling your body in every way possible, including having multiple wives and husbands, should be legal. stossel, coming up. ?
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controlling illegal immigration and a proposed national i.d. card. president obama is set to meet with lindsey graham and charles schumer, working on a bill that would mandate american workers, carry a tamper proof national i.d. card. that will winter olympic it difficult for illegal aliens getting a job. lou dobbs is here. i favor this national i.d. card. and i understand the privacy concerns. i'm not throwing them off. but it would save the united states government so much money because social security fraud would disappear right off the bat because this card would have dna from you, little high-tech stuff so you couldn't tamper with it. this card that you're seeing is obsolete. then illegal aliens couldn't work because the employers would know that they weren't legit and you could fine the employer. big money, and more jobs would be there for the american people and taxes would be collected on
11:22 pm
those wages. so it seems to me that this national i.d. card is a money maker for the u.s. and protects us all. >> i reluctantly agree with you. >> reluctantly? >> the reason it's necessary is we fail to secure our borders. we failed to secure our ports. we failed to enforce our immigration law. but i think that you're right. we have no choice but to go -- >> we have to do this. >> the congress passed the legislation, it became law, it has been resisted. it was the same idea. >> the aclu and these people don't like it and again, both dobbs and i are sympathetic to the big brother argument that once you have one of these cards, the government will be able to track you easily. but it also is going to make it harder for terrorists to get in and have a false identity and all that. makes it much easier to stop the bad guys. >> for the same reason i supported real i.d i support this. but i think people have to understand clearly and unequivocally that this is not a substitute for border security nor port security.
11:23 pm
we still have to survey what is happening with cargo being brought into this country. we still have responsibility for the security of our borders. >> but it's getting better on the southern border. that fence is working and partly due to the economy, there are much fewer aliens. here is the big deal on this i.d. card, the money that would come into the u.s. treasury would be enormous because you can't dodge taxes anymore. you can't get paid off the books anymore. >> what are you talk being? all of the open borders advocate, all the unannual amnesty says they're paying taxes. >> medicare, fraud, medicaid fraud, all of that much, much harder when you have a tamper proof i.d. card. you can't be going in, picking up somebody else's money, somebody who died for years ago. >> on its face it should stop identity theft. on its face, it should provide security in the workplace. that is illegal employers would no longer be able to hire.
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>> and fine the hell out of them. >> but we have one test case here and that's the u.s. visit program where this very idea was to be brought to bare. the program is still not implemented because they simply don't have the resources to do it. so we're still -- >> i think they should fast track it and get it done this year. now, let's go to the immigration law which i don't think is going to happen before the elections in november. it's just too hot. obama, he's not going to take on this big hot immigration thing and throw another thing into the hopper. you disagree with me on that? >> i do. >> you think it will be there? >> i do. because i talked with senator schumer. i talked with a number of people in washington on this very issue. there is the basis to resolve the illegal immigration. >> why would obama want to get that out? >> he wants to get something accomplished because obama care isn't going to happen. >> it will kill him again. >> well, if he succeeds it won't
11:25 pm
kill him, it's a win for the country and something that can be done in the national interest. >> if people agree with it. if it's not seen as an amnesty deal. you know how controversial this issue is. >> yes, i do. but unconditional amnesty is out. open borders are out. we have to have a solution in the national interest. if all of the parties, all of the factions, open borders advocates can have the maturity and the responsibility to actually in good faith sit down and say, we're going to use the c word, we're actually going to compromise, we could get this done. >> i have to go to the back of the line. anybody here illegally has to go to the back. they're going -- the far left will scream about that. and then as soon as you say, we are going to legalize people who broke the law, civil law coming here, the far right will scream. you're going to have the screamers, screamers. >> wouldn't be a travel vestee if this administration went down in history as a hostage to both the left and the right?
11:26 pm
>> i don't think -- you'll see if dobbs -- who is right here. i don't think they'll introduce this until this time next year. i think we'll be having you back this time next year, but not before that because of the health care craziness. >> i'll put it on the calendar. >> lou dobbs, everybody. thanks for coming in. good to see you. this evening, stossel wants prostitution to be legal and says you should be able to do whatever you want with your own body, including having multiple husbands and/or wives. and then, lawsuit filed against the best film of the year, "the hurt locker," is it legal, has been investigating that and we been investigating that and we hope you'll stay
11:27 pm
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yeah, i got carried away. happens to me all the time. helping you save money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. stossel matters, recently ran reports on the fox business channel saying americans should be able to prostitute themselves, have as many husbands or wives and do anything with their own bodies. here now is mr. stossel. the reason that prostitution isn't legal is a public health reason, that if you allow
11:30 pm
prostitution to -- prostitutes to do what they want to do, neighborhoods get ruined, violence comes in, some of the prostitutes have knives in their whatever. people beat up prostitutes, customers do. it's a chaotic kind of world. do you take that into consideration? >> yes. and i totally disagree. all those things happen because it's illegal. the pictures you showed were street prostitution, where it's legal say in most of nevada, none of that happens. >> that's true, but a drug addicted prostitute isn't going to be hired by the legal brothels because they have to go through a state process. they have to go through, for example, health checks. so anybody with an std is going to be rejected. you can't be a drug addict. and that's what drives prostitution. so stossel, you're dreaming. >> that's what drives some prostitutions. >> you're dreaming you think if you legalize prostitution, there are not going to be street hookers, there are. >> there will be a lot fewer.
11:31 pm
why would you not go into a legal place even if you are a drug addict? >> because guys don't want to be seen in a legal place. >> easier to get the classified ads and that kind of business. >> the perfect is the enemy of the good. it would be far better if it could be out in the open. these are largely victimless crimes. >> not for kids. >> kids wouldn't be allowed to do it. >> you just made my argument. in the houses you're not going to hire the kids. they'll be out on the street. >> fewer of them would. >> no, they wouldn't. there will be just as many because the houses won't hire them. >> maybe the adults will hire them. if a boxer could rent out his body, i don't can't a woman? >> it didn't work in holland because the mob moved in and controlled it all. and you know that. that's documented. >> documented by our state department. but it's not true. there is less crime and less hiv
11:32 pm
in holland than in america. >> having as many husbands and wives as you want? again, this just has a lot of chaos and civil strife, bureaucracy when they want to get divorced with one or not the other. >> that's true. i hadn't thought of that. >> you haven't thought of it, stossel! my god! you're married to six people and three of them hate you? come on! >> we demonize people who exploit people in some religious cult, but i was shocked, maybe 100,000 people in the west practice polygamy voluntarily. i would say to the wife, aren't you jealous of your sister wife? no, of course not. >> they're not jealous. i don't care what they do in the prairie. all right? >> leave them alone. >> i do. i'm not after them. but i'm telling you, if you did it and said, hey, everybody can do that, you would have so much
11:33 pm
chaos, family court now is unbelievably chaotic and ruins children. can you imagine if you had 18 kids living in one house? come on! this isn't little house on the prairie. >> most people don't want to do it. >> there are enough loans -- loons to make it in court. you have to control the loons like i do you. i can't let you run amuck. i have to control it. body parts. i don't mind -- >> let me stop there because even that's different. you kind of control me. this is your show. but i don't have to work for you. >> no, you don't have to. >> but we have one government. when government sets rules, it applies to everyone. >> but the rules are set for the greater good. it isn't every man for himself. that's not a society that works. >> the largest sphere of life should be every man for himself. >> i'm telling you, if you go to family court and watch the chaos
11:34 pm
with two, you just multiply it by ten if you had the polygamy deal going on. body parts. you want to sell your elbow? what do you want to sell? >> my kidney, because i have two. i only need one. >> i think -- >> thousands of people are dying waiting for them. >> if you sell your kidney, you don't have health insurance, then we got to pay for it. unintended consequence. >> we're already paying for dialysis. >> you want everybody to be able to take any thing and harvest it? i'm looking forward to the wal-mart section. john stossel, everybody. when we come right back, is it legal, lindsey lohan suing a commercial.
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>> i'm bill o'reilly. lindsey lohan suing e trade. and "the hurt locker" getting sued. the guy tried to extort money from david letterman and pleaded guilty to grand larceny. he will serve six months in jail. he was charged with demanding 2 million from letterman to keep quiet about his love life.
11:38 pm
six months, 1,000 hours of community service and i guess some -- >> 4 1/2 years of probation. >> is that fair? >> yeah, i think it is in this case. that's a lenient sentence, i'll grant you that. >> is it lenient? >> for extortion of $2 million. there are a couple things at play. the victim, david letterman, does not want to have to go in trial. >> would a prosecutor take that into consideration? >> absolutely. >> so they want to settle the deal. >> they want to settle it and the other thing is with the defendant here is a poor sap, he was under a lot of pressure, benefit marriage, child support. the girlfriend was sleeping with letterman and he snapped. so he's not likely to reoffend. >> do you think it's too lenient? >> i think it is a lenient sentence. i don't think it will discourage other people? >> would you have made the deal if you have a prosecutor? >> i would have consulted with the victim in the case and if they strongly suggested they did not want to proceed forward through a trial -- >> that's probably what
11:39 pm
happened. >> i would factor that in. he was looking at 15 years. so i do think these type -- >> six months. >> all right. let's get to "the hurt locker." this was a journalist who went to iraq and imbedded himself with a bomb defusing outfit and the journalist then wrote the treatment for "the hurt locker," which got made into the movie that won best picture of the year. so the guy, the movie was based upon, the commander of the unit, wants a piece of the action. that's what the lawsuit is about. >> right. he's upset he didn't get a piece of the action. he wants an apology, but he also wants hundreds of thousands of dollars because he said, look, you misappropriated. you took my name, a and breached a contract. well, he doesn't have much of a case. there was no contract to be breached. if there was one, it was with the government, not the film maker and not with him. and misappropriation, it's just taking someone's life story.
11:40 pm
>> he's also claiming he was portrayed in a false light. >> they didn't mention his name. >> correct. that's the problem. i will tell what you will happen. this case will settle. he will be compensated. it's not a good move to take this to a jury because the story really is his. it's documented. >> the jury could do anything. the movie didn't make a lot of money. >> now it will. >> it will make some. as a journalist, i have written a lot of things when i have been given access and i never compensated the people i was reporting on, which is what this guy did. he reported the story and wrote a treatment about it and he did so. >> it wasn't like he was invisible. they all knew he was there. >> they didn't know "the hurt locker" was coming. i understand why the sergeant is a little miffed. >> of course. >> i think that probably the production company should have hired them as consultants issue the whole unit, given them a little salary, that's what they
11:41 pm
usually do and then it would have been fine. i think the sergeant has a beef. hire them as consultants. that's what you do. you've probably seen this commercial with the babies, roll the tape. >> so yeah, sorry about last night. >> it's hard to understand why you didn't call. >> i was on e trade diversifying my portfolio. what's that? that's volatility in the market. taking care of. wolf style. (howling). >> that milk aholic lindsey wasn't over? >> lindsey? what? >> build a diversified portfolio at e trade. >> now, incredibly, the actress, lindsey lohan is suing for $100 million or something. this gets me a little angry. this is so stupid, it's beyond belief. if i were the judge, not only would i throw it out, but i would fine all court costs and do something to the lawyer.
11:42 pm
>> i am so with you on this. is she kidding me? she's putting herself in the same category as oprah, cher, madonna? >> a lot of girls named lindsey these days. >> right. it's a popular name. one of the house executives on this -- >> any reasonable person knows this is a nuisance lawsuit and it's outrageous. but what do you do? you're the judge and it comes across, you throw it out. >> absolutely. >> do you take punitive action against miss lohan and her attorney? >> because there are rules for attorneys that say look, you can't bring frivolous lawsuits. if you do, you'll be sanctioned and there is -- this lawyer -- >> what does that mean? >> reported to the bar. there is potential fines levied. >> who would decide? >> the judge. >> the judge can fine a lawyer and say, you're wrecking the whole legal system. what about lindsey, what can we do to her? >> nothing.
11:43 pm
>> i'd make her live in cleveland for a month! i like cleveland. it's the rock'n'roll hall of fame. that's where lindsey would go. i don't understand this. this just came in. john edwards aide order to do jail over sex tape deal. briefly tell me what this is. >> the aide, former aide and his wife are now going to go to jail -- >> this is andrew young and his wife. >> because what this alleged is that they violated a temporary restraining order, they didn't turn over the sex tape. >> there is a sex tape featuring edwards and his mistress allegedly. they have the tape. i don't think it's allegedly if they're going to jail. >> there are copies of the tape. the tape is there. we don't know for sure that it's edwards. >> why does the judge want it? >> the judge is saying, i believe you've lied to me, you withheld evidence from the court. i'm going to give you 75 days contempt of court because -- >> why does the judge want the text same? >> because there is an order saying they may not distribute
11:44 pm
or profit. >> the judge signed that order? >> yes. >> so he wants possession of it? >> correct. >> they will give it to him. >> right. >> so they're going to jail for 75 days? >> they did give copies to the court. the court feels they withheld, that there are additional copies. they gave one copy to the f.b.i. >> so they're going to jail. if they hand it over, will they go to jail anyway? >> they should try and scoop up more copies. >> this is a scare tactic. >> i'm scared. >> i'm scared, too. >> all right. finally, gambler -- i don't have time. i have 30 seconds and i don't want to cut the ladies off because that would be terribly rude and you know that i would never be rude to anyone. so next week, i want to tell you guys, the gambler, they gave him 75,000 bucks. they lend him. this is a casino, and he's drinking like crazy, so he's suing the casino for getting him drunk and lending him 75,000.
11:45 pm
tune in next week for is it legal. thank you. all over the world, happy birthday gill foil. in a moment. some americans believe the obama administration is trying to take over private industry. charles on that. dan rather with a watermelon joke. oh! coming right up. for strong bones, i take calcium. but my doctor told me that most calcium supplements... aren't absorbed properly unless taken with food. he recommended citracal. it's different -- it's calcium citrate, so it can be absorbed with or without food. citracal.
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one of the things we didn't know until recently is that the health care bill contains expensive stuff about education as well. is this an attempt to deceive us? joining me from washington, charles. with a bill that runs more than 2,000 pages, nobody in their right mind knows -- nobody can
11:49 pm
figure it out. but now we learned that there is a big college entitlement on the end of obama care. and are they trying to sneak it by us? >> that would happen in what's called the reconciliation, which is the process where there would be an amendment to the senate bill and that would incorporate some changes and in that, you would have these changes in college education where essentially the government would take over student loans. >> why do they want to do that? why does the government want to get in the student loan business when fannie mae and freddie mac worked so well? >> that's a good question. the post office and the teachers unions and other stuff of that sort. it is because obama has a vision and i think he was quite open about it very early in his presidency. the first address to congress, february 2009, where he spelled out the changes he wants to make in america. he was very open. this is a man who has a social agenda and he said, i'm gog
11:50 pm
change education, health care and energy and we saw it enacted. he tried it with energy, with cap and trade, meaning the federal government takes control of the energy in the country, taxes it and distributes, it picks winners and losers. health care, everybody you know what's going on, it's an attempt to get the federal government essentially in control of a sixth of the u.s. economy and make health care an entitlement. with education, we've heard a lot less, but i think obama's intention here as well is to create an entitlement so everybody has a free college education ultimately. >> let me play devil's advocate. i'm sure this is what valerie jarrett or another one of president obama's pack co- lights would say. the president wants a clean environment. he wants the air to be cleaner. he wants companies to be forced to clean up their acts and use better fuel delivery. okay. he wants to give people who don't have or can't afford health insurance, health insurance so they don't have to
11:51 pm
go to the emergency rooms and they don't have to deprive themselves of good health and he wants anyone with the ambition to be able to go to college in the united states of america. that sounds like all good stuff, doesn't it? >> it's all good stuff, but as you know and i know, there is no free lunch. and the model for what he wants is what you have in western europe. that's not socialism. that's social democracy. it's countries where they have extremely high taxation, very high regulation and you're right, you get the goodies. you get the entitlement. it's a different way of doing a democracy. i'm not saying it's illegitimate, but it's not the traditional way. >> it isn't going over well. even though, and -- complete agreement with you. okay? there is nothing evil about the western european system. it's just a different system. i think it saps initiatives. i don't think those people could
11:52 pm
ever compete with us on any level. but here the american people are saying no. in big numbers. no. why? why are they rejecting obama's vision? >> for would reasons. a, americans traditionally have ash -- traditionally have a higher value on individual initiative, freedom, at the cost of protection. and secondly, they look across at europe, as you say, with economic stagnation, chronically high unemployment. our unemployment is high now, but not chronically. they have a lot less dynamic in their society. we have a lot more. obama has a vision that that's the better way to go, the majority of americans, i believe, disagree and that's why the major elements of his agenda are being stopped. >> all right. thanks very much. we appreciate it. pinheads and patriots. dan rather and a watermelon joke. right back. when you're living with bipolar depression...
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he is a patriot. i'll match his winning bid and match all the bids that win. we hope you go to the web site and bid on the second poster. listen to dan rather on president obama. >> part of the undertoe in the coming election is going to be president obama's leadership and the republicans will make a case and a lot of independent also buy this argument. he just -- look at the health care bill. it was the number one priority and took him forever and he had to compromise it to death and a version of listen, he's a nice person, he's very articulate. this is going to be used against him. but he couldn't sell watermelons -- >> now, if i had said the word watermelon, within 100-mile radius of president obama, i would have been hammered beyond belief by the liberal press. would have been hammered you know it. not a word about mr. rather who didn't mean anything derogatory in my opinion but you decide if he's a pinhead if you sign up or a yearly
11:57 pm
premium membership on bill o' you get a nifty travel mulling free. letters. al: o'reilly you seem to make a distinction between obama and the far left they are one in the same. i disagree the president holds far left on some issues hurting him big time. his acts in afghanistan are anything but far left. we are fair here as a little viewer i believe you know i'm looking out for you, therefore, i will always tell you the truth and just did. mark. the far left gets away with smears because conservatives let them. just once i would like to see someone give them a taste of their own medicine. there are radio members on the right that smear as well. i'm not going to descend into the gutter where they live you know who they are and they are all failing. karma is a tough thing. michael:
11:58 pm
bill maher and kathy griffin i think comedy has a place. next time limbaugh gets hammered i want you to stick up for him michael. vicki: bernie goldberg for criticizing sandra bullock. she mentioned the family that helped the young man. in colorado, it would have been nice if sandra bullock brought the real life couple on stage are her had she received the award. you know, i don't know if they would have permitted that. they did show the couple when she referred to them. i think they did a decent job there. on the international front, from mexico, a lot of things you have written in your books are true, not only in your country, but here as well. that's why they call them nonfiction books. but thank you for reading them. in chile, chavez is a communist. not a socialist.
11:59 pm
i believe you're asking for a miracle. # in england, i rarely agree with you, but i appreciate your unflinching approach to analyzing the news. we appreciate you watching. we appreciate you watching. thanks for serving up bowl fresh courses easily did -- digested with lasting nourishment. our website, talking points memo listed there every evening. e-mail us pithy comments name a town if you wish to opine. here's one of the word words when writing to the factor do not be a mooncalf. you can be a moon shah . cat stevens better known as mohammed yousef puppy, i don't knee is it,


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